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How to Put Together a St. Patrick's Day Care Package

Is your loved one deployed?

Is your kiddo off to college?

Are you in a long distance relationship during the St. Patrick's Day season?

No matter the reason, a St. Patrick's Day Care Package is a great way to show that special person in your life how much you love and appreciate them.

If this is your first time putting together a care package, then stick around! We will be walking through each step of the care package process.

St. Patrick's Day Care Package Supplies

  • Care Package Planner (download here)

  • USPS Large or Medium Flat Rate Box

  • Packing Tape

  • Care Package Sticker Kit or Care Package Instant Download Kit (found below)

  • Scissor or Glue (if using a print at home option)

  • Festive St. Patrick's Day items (LOTS of ideas below)

Planning Your Care Package

One of the best ways to be successful is to plan and the same goes for your care packages.

Planning out your care packages helps you brainstorm and create a game plan for your care package.

When planning you will want to look at when you need to mail your box by, what theme you want to use, what items you will include as well as a handful of other things.

Creating this game plan allows you to stay focused and create an amazing care package!

If you're anything like me, I love planners, worksheets, and all things printables! So of course, I had to create a care package planner for myself during our first deployment and I'm here to share it with you.

My care package planner breaks down the process of putting a care package together into small steps and allows you plan each of them out.

Click here to download your free copy! Download once, print as many times as you need.

Choosing a Box

You can't have a care package with out a box right?? Let's quickly chat about boxes!

You can use any box you'd like! Reuse that Amazon box, grab one from the store or use a Flat Rate box from the post office. Any of them will do!

But Rachelle, why do most people use USPS Flat Rate boxes? More often than not, Flat Rate boxes will be the cheapest way to send a care package. The times when this may not be true is when you are sending items that are light. Think about what items you are sending-if its light ship it regular Priority Mail, if its heavy go with a Flat Rate box.

Be sure to take advantage of the USPS website when you are deciding. They have a neat feature where you can calculate shipping costs

Decorate Your Box

Care package decorating is where you decorate the inside flaps of your box so when your service members opens their box they see the fun decorations. Decorating the inside flaps of your care package can be so much fun and add so much life to it.

You can take a regular ole box and turn it into an experience. It’s a small step that makes a big impact! There are so many ways that you can decorate your care package.

If you are not a crafty person, or are limited on time but would love to decorate your care package, let me introduce you to my shop! I offer both care package sticker kits and instant digital download options that you can print at home and attach to your box.

Click HERE to check out all of my St. Patrick's Day options.

Fill Your Box

When I think of St. Patrick's Day, I think of all things that are green, gold and rainbow!

I love packing a box FULL of green and gold items and I always send a small gift that my loved one can open on St. Patrick's Day.

Below are 5 fun ideas of items you can send in a St. Patrick's Day Care Package:

  1. Lucky Charms cereal or cereal bars

  2. Skittles

  3. Froot Loops cereal

  4. Mint M&M's

  5. Gum or mints in green packaging

Check out this blog post for a list of 10 items you could send in a St. Patrick's Day Care Package.

Don't forget-you know your loved one best. Send what they want or need. No matter what, they will enjoy receiving a care package from you.

If you need a quick list of items you can send in your St. Patrick's Day care package, be sure to download my free shopping lists! It is formatted to fit your phone so it will be easy to use while in the store!

Click HERE to download your free shopping list!

If you are looking for more ideas of items you can use be sure to check out my Ultimate Care Package Packing list. It contains hundreds of ideas including both holiday items as well as care package staples.

Click HERE to learn more!

Ship Your Box

Now that you have your care package decorated and filled with all your goodies, its time to tape the box shut and ship it off!

You can walk you package into the post office and they can create a shipping label for you OR you can do all of it online at !

Want to learn care package tips and tricks from a pro?

I've compiled (with the help of other military spouses) a list of the Top 10 Care Package Tips! Learn from our mistakes and use these tips when sending your next care package!

Click HERE to learn more!

Watch the step-by-step process of creating a St. Patrick's Day Care Package!

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