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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Care packages are often the life line between a service member and their spouse during a deployment. It is a tangible reminder that there is someone waiting at home for them. It is a way to bring a smile to their face, give them a little giggle, or encourage them to keep pushing forward.

Whether you are preparing your first care package or sending your 100th, coming up with what to actually put in the care package can be tough. I know I’ve found myself clueless on what to put in my husband’s care packages.

To make things a little easier, I’ve created 5 categories of items that will help you fill your next care package!

#1 Paper

It may come as a surprise but paper may be the one of largest categories of items on this list. There are so many different things you could use. Here are a few ideas:





-artwork from the kids

-local newspaper articles

Don’t forget to include other family and friends in your care packages. They can send you a letter or email and you can include that in your next care package. Nieces and nephews can draw a picture or make something for you to add into the care package as well.

#2 Electronics

While you can send a new iPad or gaming system, I always advise against it. It would be a shame for it to get lost or damaged in the mail. While those may not be the best options, there are still quite of few electronic type items you can send.

Better Electronic Options:



-iTunes Gift Cards

-USB drives of videos

If CDs and/or DVDs are too bulky for your service member to store, USB drives are a great alternative. You can fill those up with music and videos. iTunes is another great option too!

#3 Food

This category is probably a no brainer as food is typically the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a care package.


-Powered drink packets

-Tuna packets


-Beef Jerkey

-Mug Cakes

-Protein Bars


When picking out food items, try to find things that won’t melt, break, or leak during transit. Look for items that are in hard containers and have a long shelf life.

#4 Clothing Items

Service members pack a ton before they go on deployment but you’d be surprised at how worn out clothing items can get. Not only that but, who doesn’t love a brand-new pair of socks or a new shirt once in a while. When sending clothing items, keep in mind the change of seasons. For example, Navy ships travel all over and climates change constantly.

Check out these clothing items that you can send in your next care package.



-Uniform shirts

-Workout clothes

-Casual clothes to wear during leave periods

#5 Toiletries

Last but not least, and probably another no brainer, are toiletry items! Whether they run out or share with a friend, toiletry items are always appreciated.







-Shower Gel/soap

-Laundry soap

-Dryer sheets

When sending toiletry items, don’t forget to bag them up in a Ziploc bag to protect the rest of your care package contents in case something leaks.

I hope you find these tips helpful! On your next care package, challenge yourself to fill your box with items from each of these categories!

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