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A complete guide for a military spouse, or anyone who wants to support a service member, on how to send a military care package featuring Sea to Sea with Love.

Military Spouse Small Business Feature

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Hosted by: Brit Lanza

Rachelle walks us through her various entrepreneurship adventures and having that conversation with her spouse each time. Listen to gain insight, as well as learn the importance of scheduling out your business tasks.

Care Package Decorating

Did you know there is a small way you can make your care packages even more special and make it more of an experience for your service member??!

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3 Easy Tips to Create the Perfect Military Care Package

Father's Day Gift Guide

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Hosted by:Sarah Frausto

The month of March has been full of "How to’s" and "what do I’s" and this week we’re talking about how to send a great care package! Rachelle from Sea to Sea makes fun & creative care package sticker kits that go on the side of your large or medium flat rate boxes.

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