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Create a Big Impact with your Next Care Package

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Care packages are a great way to stay connected when your loved away is away from home.

It is a fun way to send a little piece of home to your loved one, no matter where they may be.

But! Did you know you can create a big impact with your care package? You can turn your care package into a gift giving experience!

Find out how below!

Decorating Care Packages

Turn your care package from drab to fab by decorating your care package! It is a small detail that creates a big impact!

Decorating your care package will for sure bring a smile to your loved ones face!

Want an easy way to decorate a care package?

Care Package Sticker Kits are the EASIEST way to decorate a care package! Simply peel-n-stick! So simple!

Shops hundreds of care package designs themes and ideas HERE!

Need some help filling your next care package?

Check out The Ultimate Care Package Packing List. Its full of hundreds ideas including holiday specific items as well as care package staples.


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