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Save Time AND Money with Care Package Sticker Kits

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Care packages are a great way to stay connected when you have a loved one far away. It is like sending a little piece of home, no matter where your loved one may be.

Now lets face it- care packages can get pricey. Between the postage, purchasing the items to send, and decorating the box, it can add up fast!

What if I told you could save a ton of time and money on decorating your care package!?! Want to learn more? Scroll on down to find out how!

Purchasing Supplies to Decorate a Care Package

I did a quick search to see how much it would cost to create a New Year's care package if I purchased craft supplies from Michaels. Here is what I found:

Let's add this up!(You would need 4 sheets of cardstock to cover all 4 box flaps)








23.43 + tax

Wow! Not to mention the time it would take to actually cut and glue the flaps to the box.

Let's look a much more inexpensive option!

Let me introduce you to Care Package Sticker Kits!

Our care package sticker kits are easy to use, fit the USPS Flat Rate boxes, AND cost less than half it would be to make them! Simply peel and stick them to your box! No cutting or gluing required!

Shop hundreds of designs here!

How to Save Time

Want to learn how to save even more time when decorating your care packages? Check out this blog post to learn more!

Need some help filling your next care package?

Check out The Ultimate Care Package Packing List. Its full of hundreds ideas including holiday specific items as well as care package staples.


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