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How to Quickly Decorate a Care Package in less than 5 Minutes

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Want to create a fun decorated care package but short on time? Check out these 2 tips to see how you can decorate your next care package in as little as 5 minutes!

Print at Home

If you are really pressed for time but still want to quickly decorate your care package then instant digital downloads are perfect!

Simply download the designs, print at home, and attach to your box! So quick and simple.

Check out our complete line of Care Package Printables- our instant, digital downloads! New designs are added monthly! Click here!

Care Package Sticker Kits

If you are short on time to actually decorate your care package but have some time to plan ahead then Care Package Sticker Kits are a great option!

Not only are they easy to but they are super quick to apply. Simply Peel-n-Stick! Check out how easy they are to apply: Application Video

Ready to shop our Care Package Sticker Kits? Click here to find hundreds of designs from holiday, birthdays, and everything in-between.

Need some help filling your next care package?

Check out The Ultimate Care Package Packing List. Its full of hundreds ideas including holiday specific items as well as care package staples.

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