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Care Package Themes for September

Updated: May 21

Having a theme for your care package can be so fun! Not only for the recipient, but also for YOU, the one creating the care package.

When you pick a theme for your care package, it can also help you fill your care package as well. Your theme can help inspire the items you choose to send.

Are you sending a care package based on a certain color? Picking items packaged in that color would be a perfect fit!

Maybe you are sending a care package for someone's birthday. You could fill your box with items that are birthday cake flavored! (Check out how to send a Birthday Party in a Box)

Needless to say, having a theme for your care package is the way to go!

Are you sending a care package in September?

Check out these theme ideas you could use!


September is the perfect time to send a Fall themed care package. September is the start of all things pumpkins, fall leaves, cozy weather, and more!

Take all the things you love about fall and find items that you can send to represent those things.


Shout out to one of my Instagram followers for this idea!

Fall and Football just go together! If your loved one is a football fan, then sending a football themed care package would be perfect!

You could put some snacks to enjoy while they watch the big game or send some football logo gear of their favorite team!

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Need help decorating your September care package?

Check out these designs plus hundreds more in my shop!


Need some help filling your care packages?

Check out The Ultimate Care Package Packing List. Its full of hundreds ideas including holiday specific items as well as care package staples.

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