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Top 5 Items to Send in a Back to School Care Package

As Summer draws to an end and Fall is on the horizon, its time to start thinking of Back to School time!

When I think of Back to School time, I think of pencils, papers, books, apples, and getting back into routines!

Back to School Care Packages are a great way to send all of the back to school essentials to your loved one as well as get them excited for the upcoming year!

Whether, its your kiddo heading off to college or your grandkids starting middle school, a Back to School care package is great way to share in the excitement of a new school year!

Here is a list of my top 5 items to send in a Back to School Care Package!

  1. School Supplies

  2. Hand Sanitizer

  3. Study Snacks

  4. Water Bottle

  5. Headphones

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. There are SO many other items you could include. Don't forget-you know your loved one best. Send what they want or need. No matter what, they will enjoy receiving a care package from you.

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