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Deployment Wins: A Positive Spin on Deployment

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Let's face it-when we think of deployment, it often has a negative connotation to it. Our minds are filled with the time we will miss with our loved ones, the milestones or holidays they will miss, the lack of communication-the list goes on.

Focusing on the negative can really take its toll on someone.

What if we focused on the positive that deployment can bring?!

Can there be postives that come from a deployment?

There are some positives that come with deployment such a personal growth, new hobbies, etc.

When I am faced with deployments, I try to view it as an opportunity to grow and learn new things.

I often make a list of things I'd like to accomplish during the deployment. It usually includes projects around the house, places I want to go with the kids, personal goals like exercising, etc.

When I have something to focus on, it helps me keep my mind off the deployment and helps time go by a tiny bit faster.

AND! When I've accomplished somethin

g on my list, I celebrate!

What is a Deployment win? It is an accomplishment you make during a deployment.

Did you complete something on your list of things to do during deployment? That's a deployment win!

Did you unclog the toilet all by yourself? That's a deployment win!

Did you survive a trip alone with your kids? That's a deployment win!

Did you learn a new hobby? That's a deployment win!

Did you take advantage of the extra alone time to do something for yourself? That's a deployment win!

Tough Times will Come

Don't get me wrong, deployments are tough! You will face some hard times and hard situations but I've learned that if I celebrate even the smallest win during deployments it helps me get through it easier.


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