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3 Tips on how to Survive the Holidays during Deployment

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

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Deployments are tough no matter when they happen but add in the holidays and deployments can be extra tough!

I’ve survived two deployments that’s been during the holidays. I feel pretty fortunate to have had my 3 kiddos at home to help me get through the holidays without my husband. My kids were still so excited to do ALL the things-and you know what? I’m so glad they were! Their excitement and joy helped me to enjoy the holidays still.

Whether you have kids or not, here are my top 3 tips on how to survive the holidays during deployment:

1. Keep up with traditions. (or maybe start some new ones)

Find some comfort during the holidays by doing what you normally do and keep up with traditions but don’t be afraid to start new ones as well.

One thing we do as a family in the month of December is to take a drive at night once a week to see Christmas Lights. We go to a different neighborhood each week and my kids always love it!

We do early baths, load them in the car in their PJs, and go for a drive.

This tradition was one that I kept up even when my husband was deployed. I always enjoy it, my kids always enjoyed it, and lets face it-its a pretty easy activity to do even when you are solo parenting.

Deployments are also a great time to start new traditions too. It could be the kiddos get to take turns putting Dad's oranments on the tree. Whatever it may be, these new traditions could be something special that only happens during deployments or its a new one to include Dad (or mom) on next year.

2. Take advantage of holiday events

The holidays are always busy and full of parties and community events. Take advantage of those events. They are a great way to stay busy and help time fly by!

I always look for free local community events to take my kids to during the holidays. Now while it may be a little more work to do it on my own, these are a great way to get into the holiday spirit and fill some down time on the weekends. I enjoy having things planned on the weekends to give me and the kids something to look forward to. Plus these help with counting down deployment too!

3. ENJOY the holidays!

Its ok to have fun and enjoy the holidays! Find and do the things that make you happy during this time. Your deployed loved one will want you to. It makes them happy to see you (and the kids) happy.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


Facing deployment this holiday season with alone??

Click HERE to check out this post too!

It was written by Britt from MilsoBox, and New Altitudes.


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