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How to Communicate through a Care Package

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Communication can be SUPER tough during deployments. You are often dealing with different time zones, internet connection issues, or periods of black out with zero communication at all. Not hearing from your loved one can be one of the hardest parts of deployment.

Thankfully we have care packages that not only help keep us connected to our loved one but they are also a great tool to communicate.

There are 4 different types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual.

Let's learn how we can use these 4 types of communication in our care packages!

1.Verbal: Record your voice! Find fun ways to send recordings of your voice. Build-a-Bear has a great option to add a voice recording to your bear. If you have kiddos, they would have so much fun creating one for mom/dad. Another great option is to check outs voice recording greeting cards.. They combine greeting cards and voice messages into one unique gift! Click here to find a pack of 4 of them!

2.Non-verbal: Non-verbal communication is all about gestures, facial expressions, and body language. You can’t send those things in a care package but what you can do is to be sure to listen to your loved ones wants and needs. Surprise them with an item they mentioned needing or be sure to not send something they don’t want. For example, if they are wanting to focus on their health, avoid sending a care package full of sweets.

3.Written: Letters! This one is super easy to do. There is something special about a hand-written note. The feeling of holding the paper in your hand and seeing their unique handwriting brings such a sense of comfort.

4.Visual: Pictures, pictures, pictures! Whether its pictures from past memories or pictures of what’s happening at home, sending pictures in your care package is a great way to visually communicate with your loved.


If you need more ideas on what to send in your next care package. Download my free Ultimate Care Package Packing List. Its packed full of hundreds of ideas from holiday specific ideas to care package staples.

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