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5 People & 5 Occasions to Send a Care Package

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Care packages are a great tool to use as a way to stay connected to someone when you are not physically close to them. They are a way to say, "I'm thinking of you" and bring a smile to someone's faces.

When you think about care packages, I bet most people think of military deployment care packages. BUT! Did you know that there are lots of other people you can send a care package to?

Below you'll learn 5 people AND 5 occasions that you can send a care package!


Military Service Members

This one may seem pretty obvious but even if you don't personally know someone in the military, you can still send a deployment care package! There are a lot of organizations that will match you to a service member.

One organization to check out is Hero Box. Learn more over on their website:

College Students

College students are another group of people who can use a care package. Sometimes, it's not the easiest for college students to run to the store for necessities. Filling up a box with toiletries, treats, and snacks will be well received!

Family Members

Do you live far from your family? Sending a care package is perfect! Instead of just ordering a gift off Amazon, turn it into a care package and really send a neat experience!


Just like family members, if you have friends that don't live close by, sending a care package is a sweet surprise!


Missionaries are a great group of people to send a care package to. Whether they are in remote locations or just surviving on what they have, care packages are a great way to send some encouragement along with needed items.



Holidays are a no brainer! Instead of shipping a gift straight from a website, pack them up in a care package and turn that gift into an experience!


Whether it's a small cold or cancer, a 'get well soon' care package can really brighten someone's day!

Just Because

You don't need a certain occasion to send a care package! Sometimes the ones that are 'just because' are the best!


Similar to holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are also a great time to send a care package.

In Need

Does someone you know need something? Turn it into a care package!

I hope this spark some ideas on who and when you can send your next care!

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