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How Sea to Sea with Love Began

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

After being a Navy Wife for 8 years, I was finally faced with my first deployment.

I spent months learning all I could about deployment life and prepared myself, my family, and my home the best I could before my hubby left.

One thing I didn't prepare was my care packages! I knew going into the deployment I would need to send the first care package out pretty quickly since mail can take a long time to get our service members but a week after my hubby left, I was scrambling to come up with a theme for the box and to fill it up with goodies.

Although the first care package was super rushed, I quickly learned that I loved creating cute and fun boxes for my hubby to open. I knew they would brighten his day and he would get a kick out of the silly sayings.

After hearing from so many other military wives that they wished they were creative enough to make a decorated care package, I knew I wanted to step in and help them out. Whether it by taking the guess work out of creating a theme or saving them time in the assembling process, I knew by creating pre-made care package flaps I would be helping military wives out in an already stressful time.

From there, Sea to Sea with Love was born!

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